Unofficial POV-Ray 3.5 Insert Menu Bonus Pack

What is Insert Menu Bonus Pack

   Standard Insert Menu in POV-Ray 3.5 allows you to insert header sections, object definitions, etc. into a file you are editing with the internal editor with only a few clicks of your mouse. It gives access to all built-in tokens in SDL (scene description language) in some cases with additional preview how they looks rendered. If you haven't POV-Ray 3.5 installed then you can check what it contains at Christoph's page.

   Standard Insert Menu only lists some include files from standard distribution. I found content of those files very useful but to much to remember. Also I found some include files has no sample in sample scenes. I decided to prepare Insert Menu Bonus Pack with all constants, functions, macros, colors, pigments, textures, finishes and all other things declared in standard include files.

   Insert Menu Bonus Pack was designed for Windows version of POV-Ray 3.5. Feel free to convert it for other platforms. But inform me about it, please :-)

What is new


How to install


This is an unofficial addition to POV-Ray. Do not ask the POV-Team for help with this. Feel free to send all opinions, suggestions, corrections and thanks :-) connected with this package to me
Copyright 2002 by Wlodzimierz ABX Skiba

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